Vulcanisation and Major Tyre Repairs

Vulcanisation is a critical process used to harden rubber materials, including tyres. It involves forming cross-links between sections of the polymer chain, resulting in increased rigidity, durability, and improved mechanical properties. The term “vulcanisation” originally referred to treating natural rubber with sulfur, but it now encompasses various methods for hardening both natural and synthetic rubbers1.

How Does Vulcanisation Work?

Tyre Assembly: A standard tyre consists of body plies, steel belts, and a bead bundle. These components are loosely held together during assembly.
Curing Machine: The tyre is run through a curing machine, similar to a waffle iron. This machine molds the tread patterns and markings onto the tire while generating heat. The heat fuses the tire’s components together, a process known as vulcanisation.
Finishing Procedures: After vulcanisation, the tyre undergoes several finishing steps, including inspections. Different markings on the tyre indicate its purpose, load capacity, speed rating, and other specifications1.

Major Tyre Repairs

Puncture Repair
Under British Standard BS AU 159, three types of tyre repair result in safe, long-term fixes:

  • Patch Repair: A piece of rubber is glued to the inside of the tyre. It vulcanises to the tire rubber when heated by road friction.
  • Plug Repair: A rubber or leather piece coated in rubber glue is inserted into the puncture hole, sealing it. Vulcanisation occurs as the tyre heats up during driving.
  • Combination Repair (Patch and Plug): Combining both patch and plug methods results in a more reliable and long-lasting repair.

Emergency repair methods (such as tyre string, patches, and sealants) are temporary solutions for roadside use only. Permanent repairs require professional attention.

Run Flat Tyres

  • Run flat tyres cannot undergo puncture repair due to their reinforced sidewalls. Even after a single puncture, run flat tires must be replaced.
  • Their internal structure may sustain damage over time, which isn’t visible externally. Therefore, tyre fitters cannot guarantee their safety after a puncture.

Major Tyre Repairs at Newtown Tyres

At Newtown Tyres in Powys, we specialize in tyre fitting, repairs and major tyre repairs. Our experienced team ensures that your tyres are in optimal condition. Whether it’s vulcanisation, puncture repair, or major repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at 01686 624 862 to book an appointment and keep your vehicle safe on the road.

Remember, proper tyre maintenance contributes to safety, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Trust the experts at Newtown Tyres for all your tyre needs! 

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